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Email Marketing Campaigns

We create engaging campaigns to achieve results

As one of the best digital marketing strategies for your business, Email Marketing campaigns are a way to build a stronger connection with your clients. Benefits include increasing brand awareness, engaging new clients and encouraging your customers to purchase from you again.

It is a cost-effective and highly efficient form of digital marketing, with trackable results such as read rates, open rates and click-through rates allowing you to monitor overall campaign success.

Central Coast Websites’ digital marketing team can take care of your email marketing for you. We will manage your campaigns to ensure your content is catchy and offers a call to action that encourages your client base to visit your website or purchase your products and services.

Our email marketing services include content creation and personalisation, newsletter template design and monitoring campaign results.


A/B testing is the process of sending one variation of your original newsletter to a subset of your subscriber base to see which performs better. Once we have a clear winner we will send that email to the rest of your subscribers.

newsletter templates

Our email marketing templates are all custom designed to suit your business and campaign. We design templates suited to your branding guide and to make your business stand out.

Sign-up Forms

We will design signup forms on your website to encourage customers to signup to your mailing list. Using these forms to build your audience and introduce yourself to new customers is the best way to build your email list.

Promote your Brand

Create personalised campaigns for your subscriber base with highly targeted messages to promote your brand relevant to your target audience.

Connect with your Audience

Email marketing allows you to connect with your audience by sending emails to promote your products and services they have shown interest in.

Retarget Customers

Email retargeting is a great way to engage customers that have viewed your products & services, reviewing your campaign successes will allow you to refine future planning.

Measure your Performance

Email marketing metrics are critical, we measure metrics as they indicate if your key messages resonate with your audience. If you have low metrics, a revised plan is will advised.

Increase Traffic to your Website

Containing a call to action (CTA) in your emails will most likely result in an interested customer clicking through to your site to view what you have to offer.

Establish Authority

Email marketing allows you to showcase how much you know about your industry such as valuable tips and information that your audience requires, which helps to establish authority.

Reach a Larger Audience & Grow your Email List
Engaging Campaigns get Results

Email marketing is still one of the most cost effective and beneficial digital marketing strategies available. There is a lot of flexibility with design templates, messaging, engagement and personalisation, which helps to create a customer-centric campaign.

We customise each campaign to develop a strategy to suit your business, the most important aspect of an email marketing campaign is your content, special offer and key message.

Email marketing has so many advantages as a marketing platform, such as leveraging sales, generating new customers and retention of customers.

Your campaigns can be based around various communication strategies such as:

  • commercial which is intended to increase impulsive behaviour when promoting products.
  • loyalty campaigns that are aimed at promoting relationships between the brand and customer, which can lead to more sales
  • Informational these campaigns are around sending out informational content, such as business changes or future events or sales.

Our digital marketing team will create the right strategy for your business.

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