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E-Commerce Search Engine Optimisation

E-commerce SEO is the process of making your online store more visible in the search engine results pages. The higher your visibility is, the higher your traffic is likely to be. Ranking in a highly competitive environment can be extremely hard and time-consuming. Central Coast Websites can take that stress away by implementing an E-Commerce SEO strategy for your online business.

Our e-commerce strategy involves optimising headings, product descriptions, meta descriptions, internal link structure and the complete customer journey.

E-Commerce SEO is essential for your online store, however there is many other factors to consider,  we ensure you have the right journey from start to finish.

Keyword Research

E-Commerce SEO focuses on keyword research around products that you sell. Commercial keywords that show buying intent are highly important to target.

Long Tail Keywords

These keywords are great for E-commerce SEO as they are more specific, which means lower competition and generally higher conversion rates.

Competitor Research

It is vital to know where your competitors are ranking and what they are ranking for. Competitor analysis is extremely important to any marketing campaign.

Content Marketing

Content is essential to any form of SEO. Without content we cannot include the keywords we need for ranking. We will produce content about your business in general and your products.

Internal Link Building

Internal linking is important to e-commerce SEO as it shows how pages are related to each other. We make sure your pages have a logical and meaningful internal link structure.

Content Marketing

Content fuels SEO and is essential for keyword ranking. We help you rank higher and attract new leads with in-depth content.

Business visibility that Matters
SEO Creates Traffic for your Website

SEO is essential to maximise your E-Commerce store’s profitability.

If your business is not visible then you will get less organic traffic to your site and less people will know about your brand. Keeping up with a consistent Digital Marketing Strategy including E-Commerce SEO will improve your E-commerce store’s potential traffic and conversions.

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